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Anise~Star Anise essential oil
(Illicum Verum)
Gallons available soon.
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Carrot Seed essential oil (pure)
(Daucus Carota)
Best in the world-in my opinion
Essential Oils:  Are concentrated oils derived from various plant, root, flowers, herbs, etc. It sometimes takes tons of plant
material to end up with only a few pounds of the essential oil. Since these oils are highly concentrated, you may only need a
few drops for your formulation as compared to other supplier oils that are diluted, essence oils, blends, tinctures, and just
plain oils with no description. Most of these other oils are used by the ounce, you will only need a few drops with the pure and
uncut essential oils. Citrus oils are normally expressed oils from the peel, etc. They are not considered an essential oil unless
they are steam distilled but are frequently listed with essential oils. Citrus oils are photo sensitive and should not be used on
the skin and be exposed to sunlight. There is one exception to this and it is a bergamot that is bergapene free.
Ma Scentmaker uses it in some of her specialty oils & balms, etc.  :)

Please Note: Please keep all essential oils and herbs out of the reach of children. In case of spillage, wash area immediately
with soap and water thoroughly. Folks have been known to build up sensitivities to essential oils, therefore it is always a good
idea to avoid concentrated oils on your skin.

Amber or Cobalt  glass use:  Essential oils, herbal tinctures & extracts always need to be protected from light, oxygen, and
heat to keep them for longer periods of time. This is why we stand above the rest with our products enclosed in colored glass
and proper plastic containers that are UVA light protected, and HDPE to keep plastic from leaching into our products. We do
not ever try to hide product as some folks will say about their use of a cheaper clear glass.  We try to always protect our
product for long lasting performance for you~the buyer.